Race Car Prepartion

Daniels Motorsport provide a range of services from a bare shell build, accident and mechanical repairs to secure storage. Daniels Motorsport have recently opened a new fully equipped workshop facility in Kent.

Body Repairs

All aspects of body repairs are carried out including chassis jigging the replacement of damaged panels. Typical panel replacements (depending on how big the accident was!) include:

  • bumpers, wings, doors
  • rear quarter panels boots/tailgates, roof panels
  • chassis rails, cross members, seat mountings,
  • glass and all suspension parts.

We can also repaint and replace graphics. Car set-up may need to be carried out after an accident before your car is ready to race again, see below.

Mechanical repairs

Daniels Motorsport can handle all mechanical repairs from an engine blow-up to replacing brake pads. Our services include:

  • cylinder head overhaul, engine replacement
  • gearbox replacement or overhaul,
  • the repair or replacement of water pumps, power steering pumps, fuel pumps,
  • manual/power steering racks, steering ball joints,
  • shock absorbers, suspension parts,
  • brake discs, disc pads, brake pipes, brake hoses, brake cylinders,
  • fire extinguishers.

Race car preparation/set-up

Our pre-race check over will make sure your car is ready for action. As well as setting up the car it will be checked for all aspects of scrutineering compliance including: -

  • seat mountings, seat belts
  • fire extinguishers and pulls, lighting
  • all mechanical ball joints, brackets and mountings
  • all brake components, shock absorber settings
  • full set-up of all suspension angles, castor and camber, F&R tracking, corner weights.

Race car build

Daniels Motorsport can build a race car to any specification and compliant to a championships regulations.

A typica car build would include:

  • full strip from road car to bare shell,
  • removing interior trim, seats, wiring, sound deadening pads
  • preparation for roll-cage fitting
  • full paintwork inside and out
  • seat mounting fitting, design and manufacture of all specialist brackets
  • full assembly of all panels and parts to construct finished race car including graphics.

The customer can supply the donor vehicle or Daniels Motorsport will source one using their trade contacts. Cars can be built to any championship regulations, however, the Daniels Motorsport team specialize in the BRSCC Ford Fiesta championship and the MSA Britcar championship.

Race car set-up

To maximise the potential of a race car, setting it up correctly is essential. Daniels Motorsport will work with the driver on this process. Typically the set-up on a new car would start with:

  • Basic adjustment of wheelbase, castor, camber, corner weights, shock absorber settings and four wheel tracking in that order.
  • The next step is to track test the car using a tyre temperature gauge to set the optimum tyre pressures and camber.
  • The final stage is to adjust the shocks to suit the individual drivers preference.

Storage of race cars

Daniels Motorsport can store customers race cars in dry secure storage at their new workshop facility. This is very usefull for customers who either dont have the space at home or simply want their cars stored for the winter.

To discuss how Daniels Motorsport can help you please call Peter Daniels 07860 870210 or David Abbott 07801 354836.

The Daniels Motorsport workshop

Neatly arranged tools

New brake disc fitted to a Fiesta ST race car

The stripped out interior of a race car.